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Comprehensive Play-along Program of Professional Dobro Arrangements

"Bluegrass Dobro" Series

Dobro Volume 1

Special offer: You can apply the purchase of Volume 1 to the entire package of Volumes 1-10! Contact me and I'll send you the download links. 

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If you are new to the Dobro, this book is the perfect place to start! This book has been designed to give the first year Dobro student a solid foundation with this wonderful instrument. All too often, instructional books for the Dobro focus on playing just a solo, ‘fiddle tunes’ and ‘hot licks’. The thrust of my arrangements has always been to encourage folks to play their music together with friends or family. Solos AND the backup fills behind the vocalist are included. Dobro Volume 1 will take the learning process to the next level emphasizing the theory behind the music, and encourage creativity. A special chapter, 'Seeing the Music in Your Mind' puts this in layman's terms.

The 103 audio tracks, included with this project, provide 2 hours and 21 minutes of music in a variety of tempos and mixes to get the most benefit from the program.

The first part of this book is set up to help a complete beginner get a quick start on the Dobro. Following this start up section, you will find the ‘Song Section’, which includes a wide cross section of music styles. Click here for the Table of Contents. The download package contains all of the tablatures in pdf format and play along mp3s.



Dobro Volume 1 Video Tutorial

Price: FREE! (with Dobro Volume 1 purchase above)

These videos have been prepared to compliment the book, Dobro Volume 1 (above). The program will walk you through the entire book, note-by-note in 7 Units in approximately eight hours of instruction. Tablature is included at the bottom of the screen.

This video tutorial is included with Dobro Volume 1 book described above.



Dobro Volume 2

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Bluegrass Dobro Volume 2 picks up where we left off in Volume 1. The arrangements for this book were selected for their ‘jamming appeal’ at bluegrass festivals. The material was inspired by many requests including a mix of songs ranging from bluegrass standards, vocal tunes, gospel, banjo instrumentals, fiddle tunes and so on. There’s a little something for everyone in this project. You will find many of the techniques that you’ve been working on in Volume 1 in this follow up work.

The solos are 'razor sharp', accurate and faithful to the recordings and designed to be playable, interesting and practical in jamming with others. The greatest care has been exercised in making this recording as professional as possible giving you the desire to practice along with 'the Virtual Band'.

Song list: Cabin In Caroline*, Big Sandy, Arkansas Traveler, Precious Memories*, Orange Blossom Special, Big Mon, Foggy Mountain Breakdown, Mama Don't 'Low*, Black Mountain Rag, Man Of Constant Sorrow*, Angel Band*, Train 45, (*Complete arrangement with vocals.)



Dobro Volume 3

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Bluegrass Dobro Volume 3 highlights some of the most popular vocal songs in the bluegrass repertoire.

This Volume contains both slow and faster recordings in a variety of bluegrass keys to aid your accuracy. The guide instrument will be on the right side of your stereo, so it can be isolated for further study. The arrangements are realistic and designed so that you can play solos and backup behind the vocalist. The program is a balanced mix of singing and instrumental numbers that will give you many hours of enjoyable, quality practice time.

Song List: Blueridge Cabin Home*, Nine Pound Hammer*, Walls Of Time*, Foggy Mountain Top*, Little Cabin Home On The Hill*, Blue Moon Of Kentucky*, Lonesome Road Blues*, Salt Creek, I’ll Fly Away, Ruben (* Complete arrangement with vocals.)

The download package contains all of the tablatures in pdf format and play along mp3s. Shortly after the checkout, I will send you the link for all of the files.



Dobro Volume 4

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Bluegrass Dobro Volume 4 continues with the same format, including hot instrumentals, great parking lot picking and singing tunes heard at any major bluegrass festival or campground jam session.

Song List: Fireball Mail, Gold Rush, Blue Kentucky Girl*, Ragtime Annie, Clinch Mountain Backstep, Some Old Day*, Banjo Signal, How Mountain Girls Can Love*, Wheel Hoss, Wayfaring Stranger*, Shenandoah Breakdown, Think of What You’ve Done*, Jerusalem Ridge(* Complete arrangement with vocals.)



Dobro Volume 5

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Bluegrass Dobro Volume 5 is based on many requests for an all Gospel set. Many of the songs are presented in a slow to medium format allowing the Dobro to play tasteful backup behind the vocals. The book includes detailed tablature for all Dobro solos and backup.

Song List: High on a Mountain Top*, In the Sweet By and By*, You're Drifting Too far From the Shore*, Maiden's Prayer, What a Friend We Have in Jesus*, Rank Stranger*, Life Is like a Mountain Railway*, Get up John, The Old Crossroads*, Sweet Hour of Prayer*, Swing Low, Sweet Chariot*, Will the Circle Be Unbroken?* (* Complete arrangement with vocals.)



Dobro Volume 6

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Bluegrass Dobro Volume 6 adds more and more great bluegrass tunes to your growing repertoire!

The solos have been carefully thought out to represent the actual way the professional musician would execute them on the festival stage. You will also note that some of the faster songs have an increased tempo from the standard ‘fast’ speed of 200 bpm (beats per minute).

The arrangements are in the standard bluegrass keys of G, A, B, D minor (Lonesome Moonlight Waltz), the G minor tonality (Working on a Building) also E and F. The lineup includes singing songs, banjo songs, fiddle tunes and more. Learn them all and get to the next bluegrass festival in your area to try them out!

Song List: Bluegrass Breakdown, Road To Columbus, How Great Thou Art*, Bugle Call Rag, Nashville Blues, Wreck Of The Old 97*, Shuckin' The Corn, Working On A Building*, Lonesome Moonlight Waltz, Dear Old Dixie, Foggy Mountain Special, Wild Bill Jones* (* Complete arrangement with vocals.)



Dobro Volume 7

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Bluegrass Dobro Volume 7 is based on the many requests that I have received. The song selection this time is not strictly all bluegrass. There is a balanced mix of bluegrass, country, gospel, Irish, waltz and boogie.

Song list: Band Of Angels*, Fiddler's Last Waltz, John Hardy, Lonesome Banjo, Milk Cow Blues, Ninety Nine Years*, Red Hair Boy, Remington Ride, Salty Dog Blues*, Sleep Walk, Someday Soon*, Your Love Is Like A Flower* (* Complete arrangement with vocals.)


Dobro Volume 8

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Bluegrass Dobro Volume 8 presents a wide variety of songs ranging from Old Time, Bluegrass, Swing/Jazz, Irish, Country, Fiddle and Banjo tunes and Gospel. There is something here for everyone in your audience. The arrangements are for the intermediate to advance player. The recording includes two versions of each song, a complete arrangement with a full band back up and a second arrangement with the Dobro completely removed.

Song List: Amazing Grace*, Blue Night*, Devil's Dream, Girl I Left Behind, Gotta Travel On, Ground Speed, I Saw The Light, Liberty, Little Maggie, Old Joe Clark, Old Rugged Cross, Uncle Pen*, Waiting For A Train, Red Wing. (* Arrangement with vocals.)

Dobro Volume 9

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Dobro Volume 9 continues the program with more popular jamming tunes.

Song List: America, Bill Cheatham, Carroll County Blues, Colored Aristocracy, Down Yonder, Great Speckled Bird, In the Pines, Jesu Joy of Man's Desire, June Apple, One Wife is Good Enough, Sailor's Hornpipe, Waltzing Matilda, Wearing of the Green, Whiskey Before Breakfast.


Dobro Volume 10

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Dobro Volume 10 covers a nice cross section of music from around the world. These songs were chosen by popular requests and favorites of my students. There are many play along audio recordings included with this package, slow, medium and faster versions to aid accuracy and others with the lead instrument removed so that you can be part of the 'band'.

Song List: Bourree in E Minor, Cherokee Maggie, Columbus Stockade Blues*, Planxty Fanny Poer, Southwind, Fire on the Mountain, Southwind, Flowers of Edinburgh, Off to California, Road to Lisdoonvarna, Snow Deer, Temperance Reel, Tennessee Waltz*, The Boys of Bluehill, What Would You Give (in exchange for your soul)*, Wildwood Flower (keys of G and D). (*Arrangement with vocals.)


Dobro Volumes 1 thru 10

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Music Theory for Dobro

Essential Music Theory for Dobro - Unit 1

Price only $19.95

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"Essential Music Theory for Dobro" is a program designed to help a first year Dobro student to learn how to play from the heart and rely less on printed sheet music and tablature. It is a practical application of music theory using bluegrass music and other examples that can be applied to real life jam sessions.

Over the years, as a dedicated music teacher, my students consistently asked how to improvise more fluently on their Dobro and to do so without the aid of sheet music, tablature or rehearsing the song beforehand.

It’s surpising how many people, including music teachers, who when asked to play a tune (like "Happy Birthday") they’ve not rehearsed at a party or jam session reply by saying, ‘I can’t because I haven’t got the sheet music’, or, ‘I’ve heard that song but never played it’ or some excuse like that. If they’re not in their ‘comfort zone’, they shy away from playing. Sound familiar? If you are one of these people, this program is especially for you! Click here to learn more and see the Table of Contents. Included with this package is the matching video tutorial described below.



Essential Music Theory for Dobro - Unit 1 Video Tutorial

Price: Included with Unit 1 book

This video tutorial matches Unit 1, "Essential Music Theory for Dobro" shown above. It is included with  Unit 1 described above.

This video tutorial will slowly walk you through each chapter, exercise and song in Unit 1 note by note; measure by measure. The tablature and sheet music are presented to the side of the video screen making it easy to follow along with the program.

The songs and examples are demonstrated at multiple tempos, slow, medium and faster with a full band backup. Several video/audio mixes are included; with and without the Dobro; with and without the lead vocals. A full band backup with guitar, bass, banjo and vocals are integrated encouraging you to play along with the ‘band’ on the video AND be the lead singer! Karaoke bluegrass Dobro! Click here for a detailed description of this video program.

Total playing time: 3 hours, 34 minutes.



Essential Music Theory for Dobro - Unit 2

Price only $19.95

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This is Unit 2 in the Essential Music Theory for Dobro series. This package also includes the matching video tutorial below.



Essential Music Theory for Dobro - Unit 2 Video Tutorial

Price: Included with Unit 2 book above

This video tutorial matches Unit 2, "Essential Music Theory for Dobro" shown above. It is FREE with the purchase of the Unit 2 book above. Total playing time: 4 hours, 14 minutes.

Units 3 and 4 are in progress.


Dobro Christmas

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The Holiday Season is a wonderful time for family and friends to be together. It is also a great opportunity to play music! That was the thought behind this series; playing Christmas Carols as a family or with friends.

The arrangements presented in this book are for 1, 2 or 3 Dobros. They are cleverly arranged to match the complimentary books in this series: Mandolin Christmas, Bass Christmas, Banjo Christmas, Fiddle Christmas and Guitar Christmas. You can mix and match any of the arrangements in many different combinations to create some very unique and entertaining Holiday Music and Caroling. As an example, let’s say that you have a Guitar and Mandolin picker to jam with. You can split up the parts between the three of you. The Dobro could play part 1, the Guitar part 2 and Mandolin part 3. For variety, you can switch these as you perform. The second time through the song, as an example, the Dobro could switch to part 2, the Guitar to part 3 and the Mandolin could go to part 1. On the next repeat, switch the parts again! There are many possibilities. Add a Bass and you will have an authentic, Christmas Carol Quartet!

The arrangements use Dobro Tablature with standard Bluegrass G Tuning (G, B, D, G, B, D low to high)

Several play-along audio recordings have been prepared to give you and idea of how the arrangements sound with the instruments together and other recording mixes minus the individual instruments affording you the opportunity to fill in the missing parts.

Song List: Angels We Have Heard On High Away in a Manger Christmas Hornpipe Coventry Carol Deck the Halls God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen Hark! The Herald Angels Sing Oh Come All Ye Faithful O, Holy Night Silent Night The First Noel (Nowell) We Wish You a Merry Christmas What Child is This?