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February 22, 2018

Bubinga 21 String Harp Guitars Available

This "Sapele" is the standard production model 21 String Harp Guitar.

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Bluegrass Newsletter!

I'm posting free lessons and song arrangements in the Bluegrass Newsletter. These arrangements are matching for the Banjo, Bass, Dobro, Fiddle, Fiddle Tablature, Guitar and Mandolin. They include the sheet music, tablatures (PDF) and play-along audio tracks (mp3)  to help the interpretation, timing and simulate playing in a group. Sign up today, it's free!

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13 String Classical Harp Guitar!

The harp guitar catalog has a new member... the 13 String Nylon/Classical Harp Guitar; "SE" model (Sullivan/Elliot). It is similar to the 21 String except that the Super-trebles have been replaced with a Florentine cutaway. The 7 Sub-basses have a full set of sharping levers. Click here to see the full photo set. If you would like a 13 or 21 String Nylon/Classical Harp Guitar, contact me. The SE Harp Guitars are available in several combinations: 13 and 21 strings, nylon or steel string, straight frets or Fanned Frets... your choice!

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New! The "Archives"

I'm now posting ALL of my music in the "Archives". It's a collection of nineteen years worth of arrangements (Banjo, Bass, Dobro, Fiddle, Guitar and Mandolin), many never before published! Click here to download the music.