Fanned Fret Harp Guitar

13 String (Sullivan/Elliot)

13 String Fanned Fret Harp Guitar

13 String Fanned Fret Harp Guitar Bocote Front

13 String Fanned Fret Harp Guitar Bocote Back

The 13 String Fanned Fret Harp Guitar (13SE) is a very exciting advancement for the harp guitar. This instrument has some special features that set it apart from the rest. Click here for the very latest details, pricing and availability.

First, it has Fanned Frets instead of the standard straight fret. This is ideal for those that favor dropped tunings like DADGAD. The scale is slightly shorter on the treble strings (25 inches) giving the 1st and 2nd strings a sweet tone with increased vibrato and bending capabilities. The lower strings are lengthened (27 inches) maintaining the tension for dropped tunings and enhancing the bass fundamental. The sub-bass strings are also longer increasing their power, resonance and fundamental. Tuning accuracy is increased with a longer bass.

Second, there are seven (7) sub-basses verses the standard 6 basses on most harp guitars. Seven basses give the instrument a full diatonic octave. They're tuned E, F, G, A, B, C, D

Third, each sub-bass has sharping levers giving each string the option of two tones offering a full chromatic octave on the bass. The sharping levers can also be used as flatting levers depending on your arrangements and playing style.

Fourth, it has an advanced body styling based on the Sullivan/Elliot 20 string harp guitar. The body is balanced and comfortable to hold. The bass arm attaches directly to the guitar neck. The sub-basses and guitar blend beautifully in phase from top to bottom with good sustain. The internal braces are a work of art.

The 13 String Fanned Fret Harp Guitar is avilable in two models:

  • 13SE - Steel string (1 3/4 inch nut)
  • 13SEN - Nylon/Classical (2 inch classical nut with flat finger board)

Tone wood options for the back and sides are Sapele, Bubinga, Flamed Maple, Bocote and Cocobolo Rosewood. The top options are Carpathian Spruce, Alaska Sitka Spruce, Bear Claw, Alaskan Cedar, Western Red Cedar and Curly Redwood.