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It's Spring!


I'm making new updates below on all of the music and instruments.

First, there is a new Song of the Month, "Westphalia Waltz". The details and download are below. Also, I've uploaded the matching twin (harmony) parts to the tune, "The Frost is All Over". Enjoy the new music!

 The Fanned Fret - Harp Guitar shop is busy. The new instruments for Spring 2015 are now starting to come off-line and into the "Showroom". The stock changes quickly, so, to keep it organized, I am using the PDF documents below. As there are changes, I update the documents. You may want to check back or bookmark the ones that interest you.

The Fanned Fret - Harp Guitars use a lot of exotic materials and the prices fluctuate depending on what's available, the grain pattern and so on. The prices go up and also go down; it just depends on the current market value and what kind of deal I can secure. That being said, the PDF documents change frequently as new exotic tone woods are secured.

These are the latest updates on the instruments:

21 String Harp Guitar

Dyer/Knustsen Style Harp Guitar

Fanned Fret Guitar

Harp Ukulele

Click here for What's Available for immediate purchase and What's Coming...

 New designs are on the work bench being prepared for release this summer. They include the new Baritone Fanned Fret Guitar and the 13 String Harp Guitar. The very latest details of these instruments and much more are posted in my newsletter.

We're now in production mode to build momentum for the 2015 holiday season to make sure there are enough extra Fanned Fret, Harp Guitars and Harp Ukuleles available this Christmas.



"Canción de Cuna" - 21 String Harp Guitar "Song of the Month"

This is the arrangement for the 21 String Harp Guitar, "Afro-Cuban Lullaby" or "Canción de Cuna".

Click here for the video

Click here for the pdf tablature download.

Looking for a 21 String Harp Guitar to play this song? They are available! See the links below for the full description and how to order.



"Westphalia Waltz"

This is a very popular waltz at bluegrass festival jam sessions. I've arranged it for all of the main bluegrass instruments. Included in the package are matching play-along mp3s. This is a free download, however you will need a password to open the zip file. It is in my monthly newsletter.

westphalia waltz.zip


"The Frost is All Over"

 I've arranged, "The Frost Is All Over". It's a traditional Irish Jig in the key of D.

The Frost Is All Over (Download)

.... and these are the matching harmony parts:

The Frost is All Over - Harmony pdf and tabs.zip

 Having trouble downloading and opening the package? CLICK HERE


Enjoy the music!