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The site has been updated! Here you will find harp guitars, fanned fret guitars, bluegrass music, harp ukuleles and more!

Some pages are still under construction. Enjoy your visit!

"Jamaica Farewell" on the Harp Ukulele!


What's New?

Here’s a short list of the latest, from the Harp Guitar Shop, and Bluegrass Music

January 14, 2017

Gearing up for 2017!

The New Year is here and we're making plans to increase the music! The first order of business is to update the web site. This is a very mobile friendly site that has been designed specifically for smart devices. The Navigation Bar at the top of this page contains all of the music. It's divided into two sections, "Instruments" that we're building in L'viv Ukraine and "Bluegrass Music", my arrangements for the Banjo, Bass, Dobro, Fiddle, Guitar and Mandolin. Enjoy browsing!

Song of the Month New Arrangements for 2017

As we enter the New Year, I'll be posting a lot of nice arrangements for jamming with family and friends. They will include all of the pdf tabs and sheet music, play-along audio tracks and new video tutorials. 

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New for 2017, Abalone Shell Inlay

This New Year, we will be including many new features and instrument styles on the guitars and harp guitars. One of the most beautiful is full-body abalone shell inlay. Click here for the video from the shop.

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Holiday Specials on eBay

I'm posting some very nice deals on eBay this month, Harp Guitars, Harp Ukuleles and Fanned Fret Guitars. Click here to visit the eBay store.

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Featured Instrument

Nylon/Classical 21 String Harp Guitar

Oregon Claro Walnut back/sides, California Redwood top, Macassar Ebony finger board and bridge

Click here for the full photo set

featured instrument

Custom Shop

Looking for a custom Harp Guitar, Fanned Fret Guitar, Baritone Fanned Fret, Harp Ukulele?

Options are available.


What are the custom options?

Exotic tone woods that are legal for import/export can be considered. Sapele, Maple and Rosewood are the best for the back and sides. Tops are generally Spruce, Redwood or Cedar. It's best to stay with the standard tone woods that are beautiful, stable and have the best tone. Nut width, finishing, pickup installation are additional options to consider.  


What is the cost and ETA?

The final total of a custom instrument depends on the cost of the materials and hardware to start. The on-line catalog offers a rough estimate on the final cost. Remember, the price of tone woods does fluctuate. The ETA depends if the materials are in stock, dry and ready to build. If you see something that we're working on the bench from a Facebook post that you would like, let me know and I'll hold it for you.