What's new for October, 2014?

Hello everyone!

I've been working on new music, building new harp guitars and fanned fret guitars.

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Here are the very latest updates for October:


The October  "Song of the Month" is posted. All of the details are below.


 Christmas is coming very quickly and it's time to start the Holiday Sales.

The first Christmas sale I'm posting is the Harp Guitar. The details are below.

The Bluegrass Music books will be on sale beginning November.


The new 21 String Harp Guitars are finished! The initial review is below.

In addition to the 21 String Harp Guitar, there are some more new Harp Ukuleles and Fanned Fret Guitars coming this month.

I've been posting more details of the instruments I'm making and what's coming regularly on my Facebook page. Be sure to stop by!


 October "Song of the Month"

A brand new Song of the Month is complete and ready for download! All of the pdf tablature and sheet music along with play-along mp3s are available. This time, they're not in a .rar package and no password is necessary. The link is in this month's newsletter. Sign up today, it's free!

Harp Guitar Christmas Sale!

The holidays are approaching very quickly and it's time to start posting the holidays sales.
For Christmas 2014, the Maple Harp Guitar (Knutsen/Dyer style) is on sale! It's only $995 with a heavy padded gig bag!

These are the details:
Carpathian Red Spruce Top (solid)
Maple back/sides/neck (solid)
Macassar ebony finger board and bridge
Bone nut and saddles
Abalone shell appointments
Dual passive piezzo pickups installed with a stereo output

Available finishes:
Natural - top right (satin/mat finish)
Vintage - middle right (satin/mat finish)
Black - bottom right (gloss finish)

The maple harp guitar is a fine instrument (See the links at the top of the page for the current harp guitar catalog).It's tone is clear and clean. The notes have good separation and is an excellent stage instrument.

This Christmas package comes with a standard passive piezzo installed under each saddle. The signal is wired to a stereo strap jack at the bottom. You will need to mix this signal with an external mixer pre-amp or send it directly to the sound board. By keeping the signal separate, you will be able to get the best mix between the sub-basses and the guitar. There are better pickups; K&K is the best. The K&K pickup is not included with the Christmas Special. This special is the harp guitar with no modifications. If you need a higher level setup, then we can start a semi-custom build for you.

Click here for the official "Harp Guitar Christmas 2014" video.
Click here for the harp guitar tablature to the song on the video.

Here's what's on the work bench:
1 Natural  (sold)
2 Vintage (1 available)
2 Black Gloss (1 available)

Shipping for this harp guitar is $100 worldwide.

Contact me if you're interested in one or more of the above harp guitars, for more details or questions you may have.
natural maple harp guitar

21 String Harp Guitar

The first production models of the 21 String Harp Guitar are complete and now shipping in September!
This harp guitar is based on the 20 string Sullivan/Elliot design. I've made three adjustments to the original plans.

1. The head stock has been modified to accept sharping levers.
2. The super treble box has been eliminated to accept sharping levers and use standard guitar machines. The sharping levers used are Dragon Whispers. These levers are too large for the super treble block. I'm searching for another lever option.
3. The steel string 21 harp guitar has a standard 48mm nut width; this harp guitar is also available with a 44.5mm nut (1 3/4 inch) similar to the Dyer harp guitar. A nylon string, classical guitar 51mm nut is also available

If you prefer alternate, drop tunings, a fanned fret 21 string harp guitar will be available soon. Also, there will be several varieties of tone woods available for the next releases. Currently, on the bench are Sapele (pictured), Bocote, Ziricote, Claro Walnut, Granadillo and Flamed Maple. Tops can be Carpathian spruce (pictured), Sitka Spruce and Douglas Fir. Other tone woods will be added as I can secure large enough material for a harp guitar build.

Here are the:
High resolution photos and here
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