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21 String Harp Guitar

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Fanned Fret Harp Guitar

13 String - Steel or Classical/Nylon

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What's New for September? (9-23-16)

There are some new listings on eBay.

New Catalog Updates

I've updated the online catalog. What's available, what's coming and the production schedule is now listed in the catalog. The goal is to find a balance between all of the instruments to keep some available for immediate shipping. You may want to bookmark the online catalog; it's updated frequently.

Bubinga/Cedar Fanned Fret

Bubinga back/sides/neck with a Canadian Cedar top make a great combination! Bubinga is a very promising rosewood substitute. Check out the video


7-String Baritone Fanned Fret!

Here's the very latest new release for Summer 2016, the 7-String Baritone Fanned Fret Guitar! It is tuned a fourth lower than standard; B, E, A, D, F#, B. The 7th string extends the range very close to a Bass Guitar. A possible tuning example would be: F#, B, E, A, D, F#, B. Because it's a fanned fret, the tuning can be dropped even lower. This is a standard stock item for Autumn 2016.

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"New Soldier's Joy"

The new Song of the Month is an updated version of an Old Time Fiddle Classic, "Soldier's Joy". This is the "New" version with twin/harmony parts! The performance notes are now video tutorials! To start, we will begin with the sheet music, tablatures and play-along audio tracks. Click here for the video.

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Banjo Video Tutorial Download


Now Accepting Bitcoin

To help keep prices as low as possible, we are now accepting Bitcoin. This decentralized crypto-currency is a significant savings with international banking transfer fees. Click the link below to learn more about Bitcoin.

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